About All Ears

Fundraiser i dialog på telefonen

All Ears TM unite business and social responsibility.

All Ears is a Work Integration Social Enterprise (WISE). Everything we do contribute to our social mission, which is to create jobs for people with visual impairments, by running All Ears on normal market conditions. That is what we have been doing since 1995.

60 % of our employees have visual impairments. A disability that we turn into a competitive edge. We have highly skilled and very motivated employees who has developed extraordinary listening and communication skills. We are all ears, present and focused – for the benefit of our customers.

For us there is no contradiction between running a successful fundraising business and taking social responsibility. In fact, we see the two as each other’s prerequisite. In our business, we compete based on price, quality and performance and in that respect, our employees’ special skills are essential.

In Denmark, people with visual impairment generally have a very hard time getting into the job market – also compared to other disability groups. In this context, we make a difference.

Businessworthy – uniting social responsibility and business

In 2013, Connie Hasemann, former CEO and founder of All Ears received the prestigious Oslo Business for Peace Award. The Oslo Business for Peace Award is the highest form of recognition given to individual business leaders for fostering peace and stability through creating shared value between business and society.

As a company we have made the businessworthy pledge to make the UN Global Goals our business too. We especially focus on Goal 10 “Reduced Inequalites” and on businessworthy.org you can read about how we and other companies across the globe are making an impact in respect to the 17 goals.

Best Small Social Firm of the Year

In 2009 we were awarded as The Best Small Social Firm of the Year. The award was given to us by the Executive Committee of Social Firms Europe CEFEC, which is a European Network of Social Firms, Social Co-operatives, NGO’s and organisations that all share the objective of creating paid work for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Many companies and organisations contribute to our mission

We work with many companies and organisations that contribute to All Ears’ mission either by providing internships and jobs for our talented students and/or by doing business with us. Among our international clients are Medicines Sans FronteresSave the Orangutan and Bornefonden.


Do you want to know more about All Ears?

You can read more about All Ears in this article from Newsweek: “Danish Companies Take on Staff With Disabilities to Gain a Competitive Edge”. The article is about several Danish companies that take staff disabilities and in that way gain a competitive edge (please note: the article was published before we changed our name from “Telehandelshuset” to “All Ears”).

Contact us

You are very welcome to contact us if you have ideas on ways to cooperate that contribute to our social mission.

Call us on +45 3940 0109 or send an e-mail to CEO Rasmus Duus rd@all-ears.dk